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  • Slovakia (2009 » 2022)
  • ISSUE DATE : 01-01-2009
  • DESIGNER : Ivan Řehák
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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Bratislava castle

Edited by tiko165
04-12-2014 the 10:01

The centre of the coin shows the Bratislava castle with the national emblem of Slovakia in the left hand side foreground.

The year mark appears under the castle. The name of the country ‘SLOVENSKO’ is engraved in an arch of circle along the bottom of the design.

The mintmark can be seen on the left hand side of the emblem, and the initials J? and PK of the artists Ján ?ernaj and Pavel Károly on the right hand side.

The design is surrounded by the twelve stars of the European flag.

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