Details germany 2010
  • Germany 2010
  • ISSUE DATE : 29-01-2010
  • DESIGNER : Bodo Broschat
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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Bremen town hall

Edited by tiko165
24-11-2014 the 16:03

The inner part of the coin features Bremen town hall, with the Bremen Roland statue in the foreground.

The word ‘BREMEN’ is inscribed below the town hall on the right.

The mint mark, represented by the letter A, D, F, G or J, appears at the top left.

The initials of the artist, Bodo Broschat, are at the very bottom, just below the statue.

The name of the issuing country, ‘D’, and the year, ‘2010’, are inserted at the top and bottom of the outer ring of the coin respectively, amid the twelve stars of the European flag.

Issued coins

2010 (A): 6.000.000 2010 (D): 6.300.000 2010 (F): 7.200.000 2010 (G): 4.200.000 2010 (J): 6.300.000