Details germany 2007
  • Germany 2007
  • ISSUE DATE : 02-02-2007
  • DESIGNER : Heinz Hoyer
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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Schwerin Castle

Edited by tiko165
25-11-2014 the 10:12

The inner part of the coin shows a representation of the Schwerin Castle.

The word ‘Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’ is inscribed underneath the castle and the engraver's initials ‘HH’ appear at the bottom of the inner part of the coin.

One of the letters ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘F’, ‘G’ or ‘J’ appears as the mintmark above the design.

Twelve stars form a semicircle on the upper part of the outer ring, interrupted by the year of mintage ‘2007’ at the top of the coin. The words ‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’ form a semicircle on the lower part of the outer ring.

Issued coins

2007 (A): 1.040.000 2007 (D): 11.840.000 2007 (F): 11.850.000 2007 (G): 4.200.000 2007 (J): 1.070.000