Details france 2011
  • France 2011
  • ISSUE DATE : 21-06-2011
  • DESIGNER : Monnaie de Paris
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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30th anniversary of the Day of Music

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24-11-2014 the 15:07

The inner part of the coin depicts a cheerful crowd, with a stylised image of a musical instrument and notes floating in the air, denoting the atmosphere of celebration on the Day of Music, which has been celebrated in France every summer solstice since 1981.

The words ‘Fête de la MUSIQUE’ and the date ‘21 JUIN 2011’ appear at the centre of the drawing.

On top, slanting rightwards, are the words ‘30e ANNIVERSAIRE’, and the country indication ‘RF’ appears at the bottom.

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag

Issued coins

2011: 10.000.000