Details slovenia 2007
  • Slovenia (2007 » 2020)
  • ISSUE DATE : 01-01-2007
  • DESIGNER : Miljenko Licul, Maja Licul & Janez Boljka
  • DIAMETER : 25,75mm
  • WEIGHT : 8,5 grams
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Bust of Primož Trubar

Edited by tiko165
27-11-2014 the 15:35

The centre of the coin depicts the bust of Primož Trubar, the founder of the Slovenian Standard and author of the first Slovenian printed book (published in 1550).

The wording ‘STATI INU OBSTATI’ (To stand and withstand) is inscribed in a semi-circle in the upper three quarters.

The inscription in interlaced letters ‘PRIMOŽ TRUBAR’ closes the circle at the bottom.

The bust and inscription are surrounded by twelve stars positioned between which appears the inscription ‘SLOVENIJA’.

The year of issue appears on the left-hand edge, with the mint mark to the right of the bottom star.

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